Rosalpina & Alpine Herbs is a treatment ritual that can be appreciated with all the senses! It gives the body a feeling of lightness and weightlessness and gives new energy. The ritual, which provides relaxation, comes with the beneficial scents of stone pine, mountain pine and mountain herbs. This incomparable treatment experience is made possible with cosmetics Made in South Tyrol – by the Meraner family company Piroche Cosmetiques!

1st step: Rosalpina body peeling

Essential oil of the Alpine Rose*, Swiss stone pine oil*, mallow and marigold
Vitalising body peeling cream with essential oils of the Alpine Rose and Swiss stone pine. The skin is not only vitalised by the ingredients and soft massage, but dead skin cells are softly removed. Mallow and marigold have a particularly soothing effect on the epidermis. The skin becomes soft and even.
20 minutes - € 23-

2nd step Rosalpina massage

Essential oil of the Alpine Rose*, arnica oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E
Vitalising massage oil strengthens the skin’s ability to protect itself and vitalises the muscles. The essential oil of the Alpine Rose stimulates cell activity and provides effective protection for the resilience of the skin. Arnica oil gives the body new strength and energy. Evening primrose oil spoils the skin by giving it elasticity and suppleness.
25 minutes - € 29-

3rd step Rosalpina body poultice

Phyto-stem cells of the Alpine Rose, arnica oil, St John’s wort oil*, essential oil of the Alpine Rose, Swiss stone pine oil*, mountain pine oil
Vitalising and moisturising body mask. The vitality of the stem cells of the skin is activated. St John’s wort oil, evening primrose oil and Swiss stone pine oil strengthens the regenerative ability of the epidermis. The skin protection barrier is enhanced and the protective ability of the skin supported and strengthened. 
20 minutes - € 23-

Breathe in, relax, live. Rosalpina treatment ritual

This treatment ritual is also a great way to help relax the muscles after walking, biking or other activities. Arnica helps muscle aches – getting you ready for the next day!  

  • Rosalpina body peeling
  • Rosalpina massage
  • Rosalpina body poultice

65 minutes - € 70-

Futuristic face care Age Protect

The principle of using phyto-stem cells of the Alpine Rose together with medicinal Alpine plants like St John’s wort oil, larch extract, marigold, mallow, camomile, yellow gentian and juniper activates the stem cells and vitality of the skin, supporting your process of regeneration and enhancing your protective barrier. Natural AGE PROTECT for the skin. Phyto-stem cells of the Alpine Rose protect the skin against aging.

Rosalpina vital treatment

  • Cleansing
  • Peeling
  • Vitalising massage with rosalpina serum
  • Firming mask
  • Rosalpina final treatment

55 minutes - € 60-

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