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There are days where you feel like doing nothing at all, and days where you seek relaxation after lots of outdoor fun. No matter what kind of relaxation you are looking for – in our rooftop relax area, you are bound to find it. After a strenuous skiing, biking or hiking session, there is nothing like a relaxing massage to soothe those tired muscles. Our professional SPA team also offers refreshing body and anti-cellulite treatments as well as revitalising wraps.

Find our massage offers below:
Classic full body massage

Massages have an effect on body and mind. The body and muscles relax through the touch. During this massage, the therapist pays close attention to your weak points.

50 minutes – € 67,00
70 minutes – € 92,00

Classic partial massage

The classic massage is used especially for the prevention and treatment of tension and hardening of the muscles, for better blood circulation of the skin and for the relaxation and simultaneous vitalisation of the whole person.

25 minutes – € 41,00
3 massages – € 110,00

Children's massage

Gentle massage with fragrant balm

20 minutes – €30,00

Anti-stress massage

Stress and tension are usually located in the back. This massage releases blockages and relaxes the muscles.

25 minutes – €44,00

Foot reflexology

Relaxing pressure point massage on the feet

25 minutes – € 41,00

Massage Mix

Combination of foot reflexology and relaxing anti-stress massage

50 minutes – € 72,00

Head, shoulder and neck massage

Almost everyone is familiar with shoulder and/or neck pain. Along with back pain, this tension is one of the problems that most adults suffer from today. This massage is an excellent way to relieve tension, reduce stress and, if used regularly, prevent the muscles in the neck from re-hardening.

30 minutes – € 41,00
3 massage – € 110,00

Anti-cellulite treatment

The detoxifying algae pack has a regenerating effect and can help to specifically reduce water retention and puffiness. The subsequent massage has a firming effect and a special anti-cellulite gel is applied to loosen adhesions in the connective tissue.

60 minutes – € 75,00

Aroma oil massage

Many pleasant and gentle movements are carried out, which promote blood circulation and help to remove toxins. Additional relaxation is provided by a gentle aromatic oil of your choice. After a wellness massage you will feel your body again from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You feel good in your skin. You are at one with yourself, find your centre, because only from this can you develop new strength and joie de vivre. A wonderful body feeling accompanies you afterwards.

50 minutes – € 72,00



Sports massage

The sports massage is designed to activate the circulatory system. This means that the oxygen supply to the body and in the tissues is increased, and harmful substances such as waste products are better drained and eliminated. This means that they do not accumulate so much in the muscles, which in turn leads to less rapid fatigue. The mental and physical well-being is increased with the sports massage and a so-called work impulse enhancement is achieved. This states that the central nervous system is activated and thus the muscle contractions are not slowed down prematurely.

50 minutes – € 72,00

Head, face and neck massage

First aid for headaches and discomfort. Enjoy a large portion of relaxation in a comfortable supine position during this classic head, face and neck massage. You will be able to let go of your thoughts and gather new energy for the rest of the day.

30 minutes – € 42,00

Hot Stone Massage

The path to your own centre-harmony and energy through warming stones.
Enjoy the fascinating combination of energy work, massage and the intensive effect of the hot lava stones. An absolutely holistic deep experience.

60 minutes – € 80,00
90 minutes – € 130,00

Enjoy - Relax

Beauty treatments at the Hasenauer

We do also offer countless facial and beauty treatments.

We use the exclusive care line saneo2, natural cosmetics from GW Nature Cosmetic, Germany. High-quality natural ingredients in combination with active oxygen are the basis of this exclusive natural cosmetics! We care about the well-being of your skin. It serves as protection against environmental influences, is an indicator of inner balance and at the same time a symbol of beauty.

Please find our treatment offers below:
Face Care basic

Cleansing, peeling, tonic, eyebrow shaping, mask, final care

40 min. – € 55,00

Face Care balance

Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, tonic, serum, alginate mask, finishing care

50 min. € 70,00

Face Care relax

Cleansing, peeling, tonic, massage, modelling mask, finishing care

50 min. – € 75,00

Face Care lifting

Cleansing, peeling, tonic, eyelash and eyebrow tinting, eyebrow shaping, massage (face-neck-decoletté), ampoule, mask, finishing care

80 min. – € 115,00

Men Care

Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, massage, finishing care

40 min – € 45,00

After sauna special

Firming and moisturising for a velvety skin feel. Dead skin cells and superficial impurities are removed during the are removed during the application of the product.

30 min. – € 45,00

Anti-cellulite treatment

The treatment focuses on the targeted tightening and smoothing of the skin to counteract all appearances and forms of cellulite. The professional treatment aims to intensively purify the affected areas (abdomen, legs, buttocks) and stimulate the fat metabolism of the skin.

30 min. – € 50,00

Hand & Feet Care


40 minutes – € 39,00

Paraffin bath

10 min – € 10,00


10 minutes – € 10,00

Beauty Basics

Eyebrow shaping

10 minutes – € 10,00

Eyebrow tinting

10 minutes – € 10,00

Eyelash tinting

15 minutes – € 15,00

Upper lip/lower lip waxing

10 minutes – € 10,00

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